Lord how am I suppose to be other than what I learnt to be?

How can I see what wasn’t even revealed to me?


Lord I know there is room for more than what my naked eye can see

But still I ask how can I be anything other than me?


A new person, recreated and made over anew

Please Lord restore, refurbish and renew


How can I see past the frustration?

Why can’t I see any difference in my life other than my present situation?


How can I change this costume that I wear from day to day?

If I never change I would definitely lose my way


That’s it! I need to lose the way that belongs to me

Then I will find out who you want me to be


Take control of this feeble mind

Show me power that is divine


Allow me to be transformed into something other than me

Something, everything, not just anything, but who You want me to be.

By: Alexcia Haye


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