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Like every year, the Inter-American Division will take part in the live broadcast for the world to see during two hour hours. The IAD has been assigned the 8:00 pm-10:00 pm slot (Miami Time). The IAD broadcast will be based in Miami, Florida.


During the IAD segment, the 24 Unions across Inter-America will be able to take part in the program by sending a 2:30 (2 minutes, 30 seconds) edited video. We recommend for each union to identify a creative community impact project may be prepared at least one week in advance, and filmed, edited, and sent to the IAD before Wednesday, March 16, 2016.


All union videos, as well as the hosting of the program from the Miami studio and the Hope Channel live broadcast, will be in English.

The IAD will provide simultaneous translation into Spanish and French through the internet channel webcast.interamerica.org


While there may be several regions or countries in a specific union, it is important not to share a general report of all the projects currently implemented in your territory, but just one or two really prominent Global Youth Day projects . “Less is more.”

Please avoid sharing too much information or statistics. On the contrary, choose to share stories, testimonies, or comments from people who benefitted from the projects, as well as from Seventh-day Adventist young people who have taken part in a specific Global Youth Day activity.



Please send your video in High Definition (HD) MPEG4 or H.264 formats. Do not include a countdown, music, logos or animations to introduce your video.



In order to maximize the news coverage, we will be depending on the information you send us from your Union, including photo images and reports of the community impact activity

Our goal is to show how the IAD youth are being the sermon across our territory. Please let us know in advance what your territory is planning to do during Global Youth Day.

Here’s what we need you to share with us as soon as possible,

  1. A list of activities to be implemented by your local fields. Please include the name of the city, country, and activity. Ideally, they should be original projects of community outreach.
  2. Photos of young people in action. Please include the name of the church, city, country, local church, and event.
  3. We will be monitoring the GYD social networks throughout the event all day. Please encourage your churches and young people to post pictures, so that we are able to refer and share them during our live broadcast.
  4. Please let us know how many young people, approximately, will be part of the GYD activities in your territory.



It is essential to include the use of social media throughout the GYD, since this helps to share what is happening in real time as the young people go preaching by serving others. Every single participant is a potential reporter.

In order to boost communication and achieve global impact, we will be promoting the official web addresses. Please help us to share the following addresses in your webpages, Facebook profiles, and Twitter,

Facebook: AdventistGlobalYouthDay

Twitter: gcythmin

Instagram: gcythmin

Official hashtags will help you to develop internet impact, as well as make a much more visible use of pictures, video, and texts shared by the youth. These are:




An example of hashtag use,

sample GYD





During #GlobalYouthDay in Bogota, over 2,000 young people took part in a March Against Drugs. #GYD16

The best way of encouraging young people and their leaders to use social media and hashtags is by setting an example yourself.

For more information, please contact,

Abel Márquez Production MarquezAb@interamerica.org
Libna Stevens News / Photography StevensLi@interamerica.org
Keila Trejo Social Media TrejoKe@interamerica.org