26. August, 2016News Comments Off on Turks and Caicos Islands Mission bids farewell to Pastor Anastacia Bansie

Pastor Anastacia Bansie has left the Turks and Caicos Islands Mission to further her education in the United States. The mission is happy for her and wishes her well in her academic pursuits.

During her time in the Turks and Caicos she worked as the Pastor of the Kew and Ephesus Churches and the Filadelfia Spanish Company. Her ministry was very effective and the Spanish company experienced growth under her leadership. She was known as a pastor who visited her members and people in the community regularly and she was loved for this quality.

Pastor Bansie also served as the Chaplain of the Maranatha Academy. During her time at the school she organized weeks of prayer, Bible studies, girls’ and boys’ retreats and trips to the Pure Reality conferences in the United States. Pure Reality is a campaign to encourage a healthy and chaste lifestyle among teens and young adults through the power of the Holy Spirit. Many students came to know Christ and be baptized during her tenure at the school.

“Pastor Bansie was a conscientious, dedicated worker whom we will greatly miss from our Mission. She added a broader perspective to our pastoral and worker team. We concur with the observations that have been made and add that she was challenged on many fronts but our faithful God saw her through. We thank her and her husband, Bro. Hopeton Bansie, former TCIM secretary-treasurer, for the inestimable contributions made to our Mission.   We wish her well in her educational pursuits as she expands her knowledge and enhances her horizon of ministry. The Lord is equipping her even more for the ministry into which she has been called” said Pastor Michael A. Smith, President of the Turks and Caicos Islands Mission.