1. October, 2017News Comments Off on Reader Reclaims Bible Connection Victory

Adrian Reader will once again represent the Turks and Caicos Islands Mission of Seventh-day Adventists at the Atlantic Caribbean Union Bible Connection (formerly Bible Boom) Competition. He won the 2017 TCIM Competition on Saturday, August 12th.

Reader, a member of the Ephesus SDA Church, competed against Miriam Hernandez of the Filidelfia SDA Company and Frantz-Cisca Pierre of the Blue Hills SDA Church. 

Adrian Reader (Left) receiving his award from Simone Gilkes, TCI Mission Treasurer (Right).


Hernandez, who placed second said that she was hesitant about entering the competition as she did not feel prepared, however she was happy to be able to represent her church and was proud of her performance through grace. Pierre placed 3rd.

The Atlantic Caribbean Union Bible Connection will take place in October where Reader will vie for the chance to represent ATCU at the InterAmerican Division Championship.

Ashley Belteus of Five Cays won the Pathfinder competition and will represent the mission at ATCU.

(Left to Right)Ashley Belteus winner of the Pathfinder competition receiving her award from Elder Abner Vixamar,


Sheresta Achille from the Bethel SDA Church won the Adventurer competition.

(Left to Right) Sheresta Achille receiving her Award from Simone Gilkes.

This is the second time the Pathfinders and Adventurers have competed in the Bible Connection competition. 

Judith Robinson, TCIM Youth Ministries Director said Bible Connection is not only a good way to get the youth involved in Mission and Union level activities by most importantly an excellent means of encouraging the study of the Bible and other church related literature. 

By: Havana Henry