He will give His angels charge over you, to keep you in all thy ways. Ps. 91:11

I enjoyed shopping for my family of six and by extension relatives and friends. Although shopping was usually long and tiring I would shop day after day during the summer and still enjoy it immensely. Sometimes my entire family of six would go shopping with me. However, that would mean shortening my shopping appointments to prevent the nagging; or breaking for a long time to make the children eat and rest their weary legs.

One day I decided that I would go down town all by myself to do my final shopping, unmolested. My sister-in-law left me half-way in town to ride on the train and she would return at five in the afternoon to pick me up. After a wonderful day of shopping I returned to the train station where she left me. I was on time and hoped she would arrive on time to collect me too.

I waited for an hour and she did not come, I called her phone several times and could not get a reply. This left me confused. At six o’clock I saw a taxi come to pick up some passengers. He came over and told me that he could take me home as well. However, I explained to him that I was waiting for my ride. He said that it was not a safe place to be and then he went away with some passengers. I was still standing at the train station after seven when the last passenger left.  Before he went away he said he saw a halo surrounding me and this gave me a sense of protection, I knew God was with me.

Suddenly, I saw several insane drug addicted men and women turned up after a day of plundering. They looked at my luggage searchingly as if to say “We shall have plenty tonight!” I prayed, hoping that someone would turn up to help me. The insane men and women walked around as if they were chanting a ritual. I felt frightened as I looked from side to side and drew my luggage further away from them. They growled like wild animals just waiting for the opportune time to attack and I shivered.

There were no vehicles or persons in sight. Just then I saw the same taxi driver return. He stopped and told me to come into the vehicle. He would leave me at a safer place free of cost; from there it would be nearer home and I could take a taxi. Immediately, two of the drug addicts rushed towards the vehicle to fulfill their unrealized dream. Until today I don’t know how, but I was able to jump into the vehicle quickly; with all the weight of the luggage I carried.

Their delayed attack was indeed an urgent answer to my prayers. My Deliverer is an on time God. Two days later it was announced that someone was robbed and raped in the same vicinity. The taxi driver was my guardian angel who had come to protect me from the evil that surrounded my path.  The Lord will dispatch myriads of Angels to protect his children from evil. He is always there as our protector and shield. He will not leave us or forsake us, He is in control of every situation and he orders our steps; we must always trust His guiding hands.


By: Maureen Tucker 



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