28. November, 2011 Comments Off on Family Life Department

Goal: To strengthen the families of the Turks and Caicos Islands Mission in their relationship with God, the church and within their own family units thereby fostering healing, hope, reconciliation, togetherness and growth.

For the period of 2011 – 2016 the following are our objectives.

Objective 1:To ensure the proclamation of the everlasting gospel within the context of family living.

Objective 2: To affirm and strengthen wholesome relationships within the home and family.

Objective 3: To develop a Family Resource Center/Library.

Objective 4: To train and keep pastors equipped with pre-marital and other counselling techniques and resources.

Objective 5: To facilitate churches in strengthening   family ministries councils and leaders.

Objective 6: To strengthen or establish Marriage Clubs, Singles Clubs, Men/Boys & Support Groups (e.g., divorce recovery, abuse), etc. in and throughout   the churches or districts.

Objective 7: To establish a Family Ministries regular broadcast on the Mission Radio Station.

Each of the above objectives has a corresponding action plan in order to achieve the listed objective.

Pastor Michael A. Smith- Family Life Director