30. January, 2018Media, News Comments Off on Lives Transformed During Turks and Caicos Islands Mission Convention 2018

‘Lord Transform Me for Your Kingdom’ is the theme for the Turks and Caicos Islands Mission for 2018 and was the theme for the Mission’s annual convention which was held at the Maranatha Academy Auditorium on January 19-21, 2017 on the island of Providenciales.

The weekend was punctuated with songs of praise by choirs and groups from the various churches and the word of God was delivered with power and clarity. The guest speaker for the weekend was Dr. Fazadudin Hosein, Dean of the School of Theology and Religion at the University of the Southern Caribbean. On Friday evening, Dr. Hosein presented on the link between the Sabbath, the Sanctuary and the Savior. On Sabbath morning, he presented on the good news about the judgment and showed the audience that those who are on the Lord’s side should not fear the judgment. In the afternoon, the presentation focused on how to understand and apply the writings of Ellen White. On the Sunday morning, Dr. Hosein wrapped up the weekend with a training session with pastors and elders on how to interpret the parables of Jesus.

Dr. Fazadudin Hosein Preaching During Convention 2018.


Present at the convention Sabbath-morning service was the Hon. Douglas Parnell, who represented the premiere, the Hon. Sharlene Cartwright- Robinson and the Hon. Charles W. Misick, Leader of the Opposition. Both Political leaders brought greetings to the packed congregation and lauded the denomination for its positive impact on the country.

Pastor Peter Kerr, Executive Secretary of the Atlantic Caribbean Union (ATCU) and Pastor Kent Price, the Personal Ministries, Youth Ministries Director of ATCU, were also present and brought greetings and words of encouragement to the members.

A major highlight of the convention was the rebaptism of the Hon. Dr. Rufus Ewing, former premier of the Turks and Caicos Islands. During the service, Dr. Ewing testified of the moving of the Holy Spirit in his life and his desire to serve the Lord fully.

Dr. the Hon. Rufus Ewing (Right) and Pastor Michael A. Smith (Left) at the Beach in Blue Hills Shortly before the Baptism.


The Mission administrators and directors are now engaged in conventions on the sister islands as they seek to encourage and educate the members as the field is poised to transition from a mission to a conference in 2018.

By: Roy Lindsay