As I lie here looking through my window, the cool night air blows across my face and I can’t help but feel homesick. Viewing the dazzling lights outside and feeling this familiar breeze, I think of being in the comfort of my own room at home in the Turks and Caicos Islands. This causes my mind to reflect on the fact that humans can only relate to things that they are accustomed to or familiar with. However, none of us have ever been to heaven, yet we are told to set our hearts on things above not on things of this world. We have a picturesque view of what the Bible promises heaven would look like but none of us have ever been there to experience it.


I am having faith and believing that I will someday be at home in my own room, with my family whom I love and miss dearly. However, I have traded this desire with a much more meaningful one; being home in heaven with my Lord. Desiring to be at home with my heavenly Father is my utmost aspiration. For being in heaven will relieve me of all sorrow, pain and heartaches. You see, even though I desperately yearn to be in Turks and Caicos Islands, nothing can compare to the joy of heaven.

By: Arielle Williams


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