Have you ever wondered why we are not successful at many things that we set out to accomplish? Or what it is that causes some to have goals, make an effort to achieve them and then mysteriously get side-tracked along the way? It is not that we aren’t ambitious or intelligent. It is not even that we are lazy and negligent; it is simply the ‘consistency’ that is lacking in order to make all attempted efforts successful. The worst thing one can do is begin something and then stop. Although this is a common fault that we humans possess, it can be very fatal. Imagine that you needed to lose 50 pounds so you started exercising, and you even changed your diet, but somewhere along the path you unknowingly ceased your endeavours. This will simply result in you never loosing the weight you had planned to.

rejoice always

Even more serious than consistency in losing weight, is consistency in our personal devotional life and relationship with God. The ability to become consistent in other aspects of life stems from our consistency in our relationship with God. Often times our spiritual life is starved because of our inconsistencies with our prayer and devotional life.  Jesus knew that this would be a stumbling block that the devil would use to lead us into a spiritually dead state of being so He admonished us  in the book of 1 Thessalonians 5:16-18 saying “ Rejoice always; 17 pray without ceasing; 18 in everything give thanks; for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus.”

Ceasing to communicate with God is like going into a battlefield without any armor. We are not only doomed to die but we have intentionally set up ourselves for death. The enemy is seeking to first lead us away from communing with our Saviour daily and then he lurks around to destroy and kill us because we have left the presence of The Almighty.  We therefore realize that our greatest need is not to start but to continue. Nevertheless, the strength and love to be consistent comes from The Lord. Therefore, let us not perplex ourselves by worrying and contemplating how it is that we are going to find the strength to be consistent. For truly it is not by might nor by power but by the Spirit of the Lord. All we have to do is make a diligent effort to seek The Lord and He will surely do the rest.

By: Alexcia Haye 



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